Writing a winning academic essay

09 Nov 2020By Mtemi

Understand the Question

In the face of it, this may appear to be obvious advice, but this is one of the most common causes of failure. Are you required to explain your answer or state it? Are you required to provide examples in your answer? Are you expected to evaluate a concept critically? The wording of the question will determine the kind of academic essay that should be written.

Plan and Allocate Time Appropriately

Academic essays usually have a deadline, and it is important to plan efficiently to ensure that they are submitted on time. Students may sometimes, due to various challenges, find themselves unable to allocate the right amount of time to the assignment. This leads to late nights trying to complete the assignment or failure to submit the essay on time, which inevitably leads to low grades. Students should schedule their time in such a way that they have ample time to complete and proofread each assignment.

Read Extensively

The key to writing a winning essay is to collect information from a variety of sources. These sources include online journals, textbooks, and websites. Reading widely creates a better understanding of the concepts and enables the student to write an outstanding essay.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered a serious offense in academic essay writing, and students should ensure that their work is as original as possible. Students should ensure that they familiarize themselves with and understand the arguments and concepts they research, to be able to interpret the concepts in their own words.

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